5 Common Mistakes Contact-Wearers Make


Contacts are definitely appealing for anyone who needs corrective lenses to adjust their eyesight. This way, you don't have to worry about putting glasses on and off throughout the day and you don't have to worry about adjusting glasses throughout the day either. Instead, you can simply pop the contact lenses in first thing in the morning and take them out at night. However, if you are going to be wearing contacts, you need to avoid these five common mistakes contact-wearers often make:

  1. Wearing Contacts Too Long: When you receive your contacts, you need to read up on how long they are meant to stay in your eyes. Most can stay for up to twelve hours, which means that you can wear them all day, but you definitely need to take them out at night. Never sleep with your contacts, which can cause extreme eye irritation. On top of this, it's rare, but the contact may get stuck in your eye leading to the need for surgery to remove it. 
  2. Handling Them With Dirty Hands: Whenever you handle your contacts, your hands need to be clean. If not, the dirt on your hands will get stuck on the lenses, which will cause eye irritation. It can possibly lead to an infection as well. 
  3. Handling The Contacts With Wet Hands: Once you wash your hands before handling your contacts, you need to be sure that they are thoroughly dried. This is because water contains harmful microorganisms that can infect the eye and also lead to eye irritation. 
  4. Buying Cheap Cleaners: Wearing contacts comes with a bit of a price that you must be willing to pay. The cleaning solution that you use has to be the right one for your contacts. If you are using cheap cleaners that are not meant for your contact lenses, it can damage the quality, lead to you having to replace them more often, and, once again, possibly lead to severe eye irritation. 
  5. Not Cleaning The Contact Cases: Cleaning the contact case is definitely important. It should be cleaned daily before you place your contacts in them at night. This is because the case will contain harmful bacteria that was left when storing the contacts from the night before. If you place your contacts back in this, that harmful bacteria is going to get onto the lenses once again.

When you avoid these five common mistakes, you can be sure that you wear contacts correctly and are protecting your eyes in turn. 


10 January 2017

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