3 Signs Your Baby Needs An Eye Exam


Your child's physical and emotional health is imperative, but you may not realize that your child's vision is a key part of their health and wellness. From having the ability to see shapes, colors, and objects to being able to see to read and write once school starts, the importance of your child's vision should be a priority early. Even though your baby's pediatrician will examine their eyes/vision, a more involved examination of their eyes and vision is necessary. Here are a few signs it is time for your baby to see an eye doctor.

Eye Trauma

If your baby experiences some sort of trauma to one or both eyes, there is no question that you should bring them to an eye doctor immediately. Most parents are surprised to learn what could classify as trauma to the eye.

If your baby pokes themselves in the eye or if you are struggling to clean out some debris that is lodged in your baby's eye, you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. If you or your baby scratches the eye's surface, this would also be classified as trauma.

Trauma to the eye can cause some discomfort, but it can also lead to long-term vision issues if not addressed by a doctor.

Visible Eye Issues

Your baby will not tell you they are struggling to see, but you may notice some visible signs that there are issues with their eyes/vision.

If your baby's eyes seem to flutter or even shake, there may be a neurological issue to address. If one or both of your baby's eyes seem to cross or be misaligned, they may have a vision issue, as well.

Cloudiness of the eye could indicate a serious issue, such a cataract, which can affect even babies.

If the eyes are bulging or your baby seems to squint or blink repeatedly, schedule a consultation with their eye doctor. These issues could indicate a developmental disorder or a vision impairment.

Finally, if your baby's eyes are always red, swollen, and tearing up or if your baby is constantly trying to rub/scratch their eyes, they may have an allergy or infection that requires treatment.


Your pediatrician may recommend a time to visit the eye doctor so your baby's eye health and vision can be examined more closely. However, most experts do believe babies should have a comprehensive eye exam when they are around 6 months of age.

If no issues are found during this appointment, your baby will not need another eye exam until right before they start preschool of if other signs of problems are found. 


2 October 2018

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