Keeping Your Eyes In Good Health With Diabetes


Eye care is extremely important for individuals who have diabetes. So, if you are struggling with this disease, then you will need to make sure that you are investing in the health of your eyes. Keep reading to learn about a few tips to help you with your eye care.

Pay Close Attention To Vision Changes

Diabetes can affect the eyes in a variety of ways. Specifically, high blood sugar levels can lead to capillary damage, and this can affect the way you see. Blood vessel damage occurs in all parts of the eye. The location will determine the symptoms or signs that are noted. So, it is important that you are well aware of any vision changes that occur either over time or abruptly. 

When it comes to diabetic eye injury, you may experience floaters or a new texture across your vision. Textures may appear as spiderwebs, a dark sheet, or a translucent shield across your vision. These are signs that there is an issue with the retina.

You may also see dark or empty areas within the visual field or your vision may suddenly become blurry with worse acuity. These issues are common with cornea or lens damage. 

As soon as you notice a change, make an appointment immediately with your eye doctor so you can get tested.

Keep Your Sugar Levels Consistent

Fluctuating blood sugar levels can be damaging to the eyes and your vision. Low levels can affect the way that information is transmitted to the brain, and this can lead to double vision as well as blurring. You may experience tunnel vision as well. 

High blood sugar can cause retinopathy and glaucoma. Glaucoma is a specific issue caused by the way high blood sugar levels cause increased blood pressure. As pressure increases within the eye, fluid builds and places pressure on the optic nerve and the retina. Over time, this can lead to a permanent reduction in your peripheral vision.

You can and should work with your doctor on a health and wellness plan that can help you to maintain consistent blood sugar levels. You also should speak to your eye doctor about testing to keep track of eye pressure, and if pressure has increased, medication can be started immediately. This helps to control fluid and pressure, which allows you to retain your eye health as long as you continue on your insulin and diet regimen.


30 June 2020

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