Just Got Vision Insurance From Your Work? Schedule Eye Exams For Your Children


Going to the eye doctor is not something that you may think of doing throughout the year because your vision is fine and you have learned to live with how you see from your own eyes. But, once you are granted vision insurance from your job, there is no reason to pass up a simple eye examination. This is especially important for your children, even when they do not tell you about having any vision problems.

29 December 2016

Two Ways to Reduce Visual Stress and Make Reading Easier


Despite the fact that the idea of using colored lenses to alleviate visual stress and make reading easier is now about 35 years old, "visual stress" isn't a recognized disorder. Similarly, there hasn't been a lot of research done that validates the use of colored lenses to make reading easier, and the studies that have been done are in conflict with each other. That leaves patients wondering what they should do to try to make it easier to read and function in our information-heavy society where reading is so important to both work and leisure.

21 December 2016

What You Need To Know About Herpes Zoster


If you are suffering from pain in and around one eye, along with redness, headache, blurry vision, and swelling of your cornea, you may be suffering from herpes zoster. Herpes zoster is one of the two herpes viruses that affects the eye. Herpes zoster is caused by the same type of virus that causes cold sores and chicken pox. Instead of afflicting the skin, it manifests itself in the eye.

16 December 2016

Is Allergic Conjunctivitis Treatable?


Allergic conjunctivitis can occur year round, but there is an uptick in cases during the cold months. In most instances, there is little cause for concern, but treating the symptoms is important. If you experience allergic conjunctivitis, here is what you need to know.   Why Is There an Increase in Allergic Conjunctivitis in Winter? Allergic conjunctivitis is usually triggered by exposure to allergens, such as pollen and house dust mites. During the winter time, you will spend more time indoors, which means more exposure to those triggers.

10 December 2016