Why You Should Get Your Eyeglasses Checked Often


If you wear eyeglasses, then you already know how much wear and tear they endure throughout their lifetime. They can get banged up, bent up, sat or stepped on, and otherwise damaged. To keep your eyeglasses in shape and able to do the work they are supposed to do, which is to enable you to see better, you should take your eyeglasses in to be checked and repaired often. Read on for reasons why you should have this done.

To Keep Your Vision In Focus

Your eyeglasses are necessary to help you see properly. They are lined up by an optical professional based on how your eyes are lined up. If you damage your eyeglasses and they are bent, your eyes may not be lined up properly inside your lenses, which is going to cause an issue with you being able to see clearly. This can result in vision damage or worsening vision because you aren't looking through your lenses they way you were intended to. You may begin to squint to see, which can also cause eye strain.

To Prevent Injury

If your eyeglasses aren't in good shape, such as the nose pieces are bent, it can cause injury to the bridge of your nose such as indentations or scratches. Be sure the nose pieces on your eyeglasses are in good shape, and aren't bent or missing. If they are damaged in any way, take your eyeglasses to the optometrist office to be repaired, or you may need to invest in new eyeglasses altogether.

If you do have issues with your eyeglasses, take them to the optometrist office to be repaired, or reset for your eyes. If you are taping your eyeglasses together in order to see, you are in need of new eyeglasses. To prevent damage to your eyeglasses, use the tips below.

  • Never sleep in your eyeglasses to prevent them from getting bent while you sleep.
  • Don't play sports in your regular everyday eyeglasses, invest in sports eyeglasses that can take some extra wear and tear.
  • Invest in prescription swimming goggles rather than trying to wear your eyeglasses in the swimming pool, lake or ocean, which can damage the plastic on your eyeglasses.

If you have eyeglasses, then you know how easily they can get damaged. If they need some minor repairs, the optometrist office can usually repair them for you. If they are unable to be repaired, a replacement pair may be necessary. \

If you suspect your eyeglasses are in need of repair or replacement, contact an eye care provider near you, such as Southern  Colorado Eye Care Associates


27 December 2019

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